Payroll & Taxes



You can pay yourself and have your taxes withholding handled for you, even if you’re an LLC member. If you want to still pay taxes yourself, we can do that too.  Our payroll starts at $40 per month!


Tax Filings

Your monthly, quarterly, and yearly tax filings associated with paying yourself and staff is handled for you! If you want to continue to paying quarterly self employment taxes yourself, we can and just record what you should pay each quarter saving you time and guesswork.


Easy to do

Just tell us how much you want to pay yourself each pay period and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Payroll Made Easy

Payroll couldn’t be easier! Just tell us how much to pay yourself via online portal, email, or phone and it’s done!

IRS: Third Party Payer Co-Employers


As a professional employer organization, we become the “employer” for payroll & benefits purposes.
You remain the “common law employer” with all the control. The process is seamless and allows us to handle your unwanted HR activities.

IRS: Third Party Payer Co-Employers

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