Group Health Insurance

Did you know that group health insurance can be up to 40% less expensive than the EXACT SAME insurance on the individual market! Contact us or look below to see if you can lower your insurance bill. If you come aboard you’ll also join our health insurance funding pool to cover high cost medical procedures as well as have access to other benefits such as dental, vision, disability, life insurance, and more.


Local Plan Based on Your Location

We can work with you to implement a group plan, an ICHRA / QSEHRA plan, or some combination of the 2 and seamlessly integrate that with your payroll functions.


Pre-Packaged Health Plans

We can offer you one of our pre-packaged health plans that is already set up! You would be joining an already established plan. Simple and easy.

HEALTHY Health Insurance / Short Term Medical

If you are healthy and just want catastrophic coverage, we have a great option for you! PLUS, you can purchase this insurance PRE-TAX (above the line) instantly saving you 30-40%!

Your total catastrophic medical costs would be capped at $5000* and your premiums might be:

30 years old: $136.17 per month
40 years old: $170.45 per month
50 years old: $257.50 per month
60 years old: $355.09 per month

* Rates dependent upon medical underwriting; Pre-existing medical exclusion conditions apply (like insurance before the Affordable Care Act). Emergency Room & Urgent Care Copays do not count towards catastrophic medical costs. Prescription drug are not covered. These plans should only be considered if you are very healthy.


Help Navigating the System

You’ll have an HR department that really works to help you navigate the health insurance system and make the best choices to help you get the most out of your benefits.


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