Matthew Tae

Matthew Tae

We should strive to connect and contribute to the community, and in doing so, we can engage with people that trust us, need and want to hear from us, and we can deliver value to them, then do it again and again.. Matthew Tae is the president of employee benefits at Diversified Human Solutions where he consults clients on a wide array of human resources, insurance, and employee benefits related business issues. Matt enjoys playing guitar, yoga, comedy, surfing, and writing.

Dave Krysiak

Dave is the Founder and Managing Member of Auroch Investments. He Co-Founded Belltower Books in 2003 and led the company as President until 2013. Mr. Krysiak has provided venture capital to a variety of industries, including healthcare, dental labs, property management, local couriers, and residential real estate. Dave graduated from Cornell University Magna Cum Laude.

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