I’ve been self employed for over 13 years. Oh how I wish I got out of my own way. I think back to all those hours I spent learning about corporate tax structures, how to file my taxes with the various taxing entities, how to develop a website, and so many other “chores” related to running a business.  In fact, I’m an expert at doing the chores related to business ownership / self employment. Fellow Travelers is something I wish I had when I was starting out! I would have been doing the work my clients want me to do and growing the business, instead of housekeeping work.  

Then in 2014 health insurance rates skyrocketed for most people. Ours went up 40% that year! Soon there were 2 insurance markets, one for people with representation and one for individuals who did not get benefits from their employers. For several years I saw this HUGE gap and I just had to gnash my teeth… I’m paying an extra thousands of dollars a year for the exact same insurance!

Fellow Travelers was created for us, and hopefully for you as well. As entrepreneurs, we understand your journey.  Yes us entrepreneurs are nimble and clever, but there’s also all the stuff we don’t want to do. None of us started working for ourselves to learn how to become a pro at figuring out how to calculate our unemployment tax rate, how to compete a form 940 or 1065, or how to get reasonable benefits for ourselves not in the context getting benefits through a large employer. We’re here to make that happen for you. After having spent (and “wasted”) so many hours doing “chores” and “housekeeping” related to being self employed, I want to do your housekeeping work or help you spend a lot less time on it.  And because we’re all fellow travelers on this planet, a small portion of our revenue will go towards a pool that will help our members pay when high cost claims are incurred. We’re all in this together.

Matt Tae


Meet The Team

A little bit about us

Dave Krysiak


Dave is the Founder and Managing Member of Auroch Investments. He Co-Founded Belltower Books in 2003 and led the company as President until 2013. Mr. Krysiak has provided venture capital to a variety of industries, including healthcare, dental labs, property management, local couriers, and residential real estate. Dave graduated from Cornell University Magna Cum Laude.

Matthew Tae


“We should strive to connect and contribute to the community, and in doing so, we can engage with people that trust us, need and want to hear from us, and we can deliver value to them, then do it again and again.”  Matthew Tae is the president of employee benefits at Diversified Human Solutions where he consults clients on a wide array of human resources, insurance, and employee benefits related business issues.  He graduated from Temple University with honors and is a senior professional in human resources (SPHR) as well as an accredited investment fiduciary (AIF). In his off time, Matt enjoys playing guitar, yoga, comedy, surfing, and writing.