Simple low cost 401K plan! You can save up to $56,000 each year in a 401K plan! No headaches, just sign up via a simple online form… $50 per year per participant up to a maximum of $250 ($75 per year to a maximum of $450 for non-members). No Form 5500’s, finding TPA’s, Fiduciaries, Fund lineups… easy. That’s all handled for you.


Low Cost 401K

Our 401K plan is just $80 per year for solo participants! For a small business (under 100 employees) the annual fee is $300 (for members, $450 per year for non-members). You’ll receive at least $3000 in tax credits to pay for these fees as well!

Plan participants pay $100 per year for recordkeeping, statements, technology, and other costs associated with maintaining the tax deferred status of the plan…. from their 401K balance.

The tax savings break-even is about $300! As long as an employee puts $300 into the account, the tax savings pays for the fees. Best of all, it’s easy.

Compare that with other 401K fees!


Self Directed & ESG Options

Our 401K has a self directed option so employees / investors can invest in ANYTHING they want. Want to invest in a company not listed on any stock exchange? No problem!

Via the Charles Schwab PCRA program, as long as the company you want to invest in does an annual valuation, you can invest in it via your 401k!

All of our “standard” fund options are large macro funds and top rated ESG Funds focusing on sustainability & social equity via Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria: INVEST IN YOUR VALUES


High Tax Savings

With a 401K plan, an employee (and you) can put up to $19,500 tax deferred dollars into the account, no catch! After that, the company can offer a profit sharing up to a maximum of 25% of the employee’s annual taxable income (up to $56K total)!

This exceeds the ease of maximum tax deferral vs other kinds of investment vehicles!

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