Reduce your Health Insurance Costs

You can save up to 40% when you join Fellow Travelers, and often keep the EXACT SAME INSURANCE!

We're problem solvers at heart and health insurance is a problem for many people. Let us help you make sense of it.


Heath Insurance

Our group health insurance is often 30-40% less costly than what is available in the individual marketplace. Fill out a quote request and we'll let you know the price difference!



You can pay yourself wages easily and have the tax calculations done for you. Payroll services are optional if you have employees.


Tax Reporting

No more filing form 940's, worrying about W-2's, and the day to day or month to month grind of dealing with routine tax reporting. We also have self employment tax reporting to do the calculations for you if you are not a S or C corporation.

Join Fellow Travelers

Joining your Fellow Travelers will give you access to low cost payroll services, lower cost group health insurance, and the convenience of no longer doing payroll entries and payroll associated tax reporting. Plus you'll have us helping you makes sense of how it all goes together.

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