Benefits for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, & Start Ups

You can save up to 40% when you join Fellow Travelers, and often keep the exact same health insurance! Let us navigate the complex health care system for you.

We've lived this ourselves as entrepreneurs! We're problem solvers and health insurance is a problem for many people. Let us help you make sense of it.


Heath, Dental, & Vision Insurance

Our group health insurance is often 20-40% less costly than what is available in the individual marketplace. Plus, we'll navigate the complex health care industry. Do you know how to work with a hospital admissions coordinator? Do you know what an outpatient shoulder surgery should cost? Do you know how to negotiate your hospital bills lower? We can help you save time and emotional energy.



You can pay yourself wages easily and have the tax calculations done for you. Simple payroll, done without bells and whistles, but done right.


HR Consulting

Do you know what your corporate structure is? Do you know how benefits effect your taxes? Do you know who to call to get answers about your E-Tides account? We do. Plus, do you sometimes miss having an "HR Department"? You had an issue with a paycheck, or need to fill out a reimbursement claim form for you dentist visit, or don't know best practices of how to hire or terminate a prospective employee? We can help with that.

Fellow Travelers, Stronger Together

Here at Fellow Travelers we try to support you to create the results you started your business for. None of us started to manage all our own benefits, taxes, payroll, legal, and accounting. We didn't dream about a $1400 a month health insurance bill or figuring out how to best structure our company for tax purposes. We had a vision, and we want to help you get back to that vision.

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